New DM Limits by Twitter: Non-Blue Users Face Crackdown That Will Alter the Playing Field

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Tech News Summary:

  • Twitter plans to limit the number of direct messages (DMs) non-Twitter Blue users can send per day to incentivize them to subscribe to the platform’s subscription service.
  • The current DM limit is 500 per day, but it may be lowered once the new feature is implemented and users will receive a message encouraging them to sign up for Twitter Blue to continue sending messages.
  • Twitter is exploring various strategies to improve user experience, incentivize subscriptions to Twitter Blue, and provide better opportunities for content creators on its platform.

In a move aimed at improving accountability and reducing the spread of disinformation and fake news on its platform, Twitter has announced that it will be cracking down on non-blue users, imposing new limits on direct messaging.

Starting from next month, Twitter will be enforcing strict new limits on the number of direct messages that non-verified, non-blue-badge accounts can send per day. The move is seen as an attempt to prevent the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories, which have become increasingly prevalent on the platform in recent years.

The new rules will require non-blue users to limit their direct messaging to just 10 people per day, while verified, blue-badge users will not be subject to any such restrictions. In addition, Twitter will be monitoring non-verified accounts more closely for any signs of suspicious activity, with a view to removing accounts that are found to be spreading misinformation or engaging in other forms of harmful behavior.

The move has been welcomed by many who have long been calling for greater accountability and transparency on social media platforms, particularly in the wake of the 2016 US presidential election, which saw a flood of fake news and disinformation spread through social media channels.

However, the move has also been criticized by some who argue that it is an infringement on free speech, and that it will unfairly silence those who do not have the resources or influence to obtain a verified, blue-badge account.

Despite the controversy, Twitter says that it is committed to ensuring that its platform is a safe and trustworthy space for all users, and that these new measures are just the beginning of a wider crackdown on harmful behavior and misinformation online. Whether or not the changes will have a significant impact on the spread of disinformation and fake news remains to be seen, but Twitter’s efforts to improve the quality and safety of its platform are certainly a step in the right direction.

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