New initiatives boost UK telecoms as London Tech Week kicks off

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  • The UK government has launched initiatives to strengthen the country’s position as a telecoms leader, supporting local authorities in testing “smart lampposts” to improve connectivity, signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Australia to create a roadmap for telecoms collaboration, and providing high-speed broadband to the remote community of Papa Stour.
  • Improving digital connectivity is a top priority for the UK government, as it aims to deliver fast, reliable connectivity for everyone in the UK and to continue to be a global leader in telecoms.
  • The installation of a Kymeta flat panel by Clarus Networks Group will transform Papa Stour’s digital infrastructure by beaming high-speed broadband connections from OneWeb’s constellation of low earth orbit satellites.

As the annual London Tech Week commences, the UK telecommunications industry is set to receive a significant boost with a slew of new initiatives. The event, which brings together tech innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs, is expected to showcase some of the most exciting telecommunications technologies in the world.

One of the key initiatives announced at the event is the government’s plan to invest £900 million in improving the country’s digital infrastructure. The investment will be complemented by an additional £90 million pledge to build 5G testbeds that will help bolster the country’s 5G capabilities.

Telecoms firms also announced a range of new projects aimed at improving connectivity across the UK. British Telecom revealed plans to provide ultra-fast fiber broadband access to three million premises by the end of 2020, while Vodafone outlined its plans to set up 1,000 new mobile sites across the country.

The boost to the UK telecommunications sector comes at a crucial time when the country is looking to solidify its position as a leading global tech hub. With Brexit looming, the government is keen to showcase the country’s tech capabilities and attract investment from overseas.

Commenting on the new initiatives, the UK Digital Secretary, Jeremy Wright, said: “Our world-class digital infrastructure, including 5G, is fundamental to the future success of our economy. That’s why we’re investing over £900 million to ensure the UK is a world leader in digital connectivity and delivering tech innovations that improve people’s lives.”

London Tech Week is set to run from 10th June to 14th June, with over 300 events scheduled to take place across the city.

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