New iPhone be unveiled by Apple

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Instead, it’s rumoured that the newest phones will include an always-on display that would allow users to view the clock and other important notifications even while the device is locked. Apple has experienced difficulties as a result of the current chip scarcity, which has affected pricing and development throughout the entire market. The Apple Watch has also historically been updated in the fall, and rumours claim that a new model may feature a low-power mode to attract Fitbit or Garmin users.

On Wednesday, Apple is anticipated to reveal the next-generation iPhone, which is widely predicted to feature a “always on” display. An iPhone 14 Pro and a less expensive iPhone 14, both available in regular and big sizes, are anticipated to be included in the event. However, rumours claim that the less expensive model might feature the same family of processors as the iPhone 13—Apple’s A15 Bionic chips—so there won’t likely be a major performance difference. There are rumours that a low-power option might be added to the upcoming Apple Watch in order to attract Fitbit or Garmin users.


  • “Two fifths of Apple users are planning to buy one of the latest models[, and with rival Samsung winning praise for its eye-catching Galaxy Z Flip 4, the stakes are high to get the range right. Any changes in form factor or design will no doubt get loyalists excited, as the current design is starting to feel slightly dated.

  • While iPhone users are a loyal bunch, cost is more important than ever and will be a key factor affecting the next model’s pulling power. Ru Bhikha, mobiles spokesman at Uswitch, said: “In this milestone year, Apple could offer fans some significant changes with the iPhone 14. After years of speculation, the company may have found a way to give fans a notchless design, as well as a flatter camera array.

“While iPhone users are a loyal bunch, cost is more important than ever and will be a key factor affecting the next model’s pulling power, as nearly half say they’d like a cheaper price tag. We might see the opposite happen though, as Apple’s higher-end devices are expected to see the biggest chipset upgrades while the iPhone Mini – traditionally the cheapest version – is set to be axed.”

“Better battery life is top of the wishlist for people looking to purchase the next iPhone and, fortunately for them, Apple could be about to unveil handsets with a larger capacity, as well as new technology to optimise longevity. “The latest handsets are rumoured to include an always-on display that will put the iPhone in line with competitors that have been using this feature for years. Always-on displays give users the ability to see the time and other basic notifications while the screen is locked.”

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