New sharing and accessibility features are coming to Android devices

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This self-share feature has been anticipated for a few months, and while we`re happy to see that file transfers will be easier, it`s still disappointing (though totally unsurprising) that the feature is limited to Android-to-Android interactions. An official release date for self-share hasn`t been announced, but Google says the feature will arrive on devices in “the next few weeks.” The new updates will also improve accessibility across various Google services.

Android is introducing a clutch of new features to improve accessibility, personalization, and productivity across various devices. One of the major announcements is that Nearby Share — Google`s AirDrop competitor — is getting a much-needed update that allows users to easily send files between their own devices. After you opt in to use the new feature on your Android phone or tablet, all transfers between these devices will be automatically accepted, even if your display is switched off.


  • When you turn them on, your Android device listens for sounds like fire alarms and front door knocks and creates notifications when you hear them. User can now record specific sounds to create custom his alerts. For example, you can record the jingle that your washing machine sounds when it finishes its wash cycle, and get notified when your Android phone, watch, or tablet hears the sound. For those using Google TV, the service also has a curated library of content with audio descriptions that can be found by manually browsing the service or using the voice-enabled Google Assistant.

  • Google Drive and Keep get redesigned widgets for large-screen devices. Android tablet users have one-touch access to Docs, Slides, and Sheets files in Google Drive widgets. It also resizes the Keep widget and changes the font size to improve your notes visually impaired. There’s also an upgrade to Android’s sound notifications, a little-known feature in your device’s accessibility settings. These audio notifications were originally intended to assist the hearing impaired.

Text messages on Android devices are also getting updates to Gboard’s “Smart Emoji Suggestions”. Android expands the emoji available for this feature by releasing new seasonal emoji mashups available as stickers for Emoji Kitchen.

Google Meet users also have access to multi-pinning during a call, allowing them to focus their attention on multiple specific people in large group meetings. B. Keynote speaker and her ASL interpreter. Google Meet also introduces live sharing experiences such as gaming and co-watching on Android mobile and tablet devices. With this feature, you can play classics like Uno, Kahoot and more. And heads up! Up to 100 people can play and watch his YouTube content at the same time.

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