NEW Space A40 wireless earphones from SOUNDCORE

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“Two of the most requested features by consumers are better battery life and stronger noise cancelling performance,” said Gaspar Xie, Head of Sales Operations at Anker ANZ. “When designing the A40, our engineers wanted to offer consumers a no-compromise listening experience, not only with remarkable Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) performance, and industry-leading battery life but improved sound reproduction that is perfect for travelling or everyday use.”

Soundcore, the premium audio brand of Anker Innovations, today launched the Space A40 earbuds in Australia as part of the revitalised `Space` range of on-the-go audio devices. With an upgraded noise cancelling system, the Space series offers a leap forward in the customisable, noise-free listening experience, while delivering ultra-long playtime and impressive audio performance.


  • Powerful Sound: Developed by Soundcore, A40’s innovative 10mm dual-layer cone driver with metal-ceramic material not only delivers powerful bass and clear treble, but also balanced sound across all frequencies to the listener. or Apple App Store), users can easily customize their listening experience. With a few simple steps, it automatically adjusts audio frequencies to suit your individual hearing, and the app offers multiple preset sound profiles or a custom 8-band EQ for ultimate customization.

  • Customised Listening Experience with Adaptive ANC: Integrating noise sensing microphones and passively blocking external sounds, the A40 can reduce up to 98% of external noise while using the earbuds. The A40 features Adaptive ANC for a more optimal listening experience, which analyses ambient sounds in real time and adjusts the strength of noise reduction processing depending on the environment.

All-day battery life: A40 offers up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge and a total of 50 hours of listening time (equivalent to 4 additional charges) with the pocket-sized charging case. Plus, fast-charging technology gives you up to 4 hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging time. The wireless charging case can be charged by placing it on the Qi wireless charging pad or connecting it with a USB-C cable.

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