New trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns featuring the Abbey

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  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns is set to release next month, and when it does, the game will feature a new team of heroes set in the Marvel Universe. Set up camp where called. 2K Games and Firaxis have released a new trailer that shows the location and what players can expect. The base is “a haunted Trangian castle built on the haunted grounds of Old Salem”, and features many interesting areas that play important roles in the game’s story.

The trailer gives viewers a closer look at the game’s central locations while also offering a glimpse of how these characters interact. Abbey allows players to form closer bonds between heroes and hunters. Players earn Friendship XP by playing with certain heroes. You can see this in her trailer around 1:50. I’m not sure how sophisticated this option is yet, but it could be an interesting part of the game!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns features a variety of heroes. While fan favorites such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain His Marvel are present, the game also features casual viewers such as Nico his Minoru, Magic, Ghost his Rider Robbie his Reyes version of him. There will also be characters that are unfamiliar to you. If character interactions work well in the Abbey, players can appreciate these heroes more. Hopefully Firaxis Games are working hard to make this part of the game as fun as the combat!

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