Newly Unveiled Q3 2023 Results for Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology in Exclusive Conference Call and Webcast!

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Tech News Summary:

  • HRGN is set to release its third quarter 2023 financial results on November 13, 2023. The company specializes in developing technology to regenerate organs within the body to treat serious diseases.
  • HRGN’s regenerative medicine treatments target gastrointestinal and respiratory tract disorders resulting from cancer, trauma, or birth defects. The company’s proprietary cell therapy platform uses the patient’s own stem cells to regenerate and restore function to damaged organs.
  • HRGN achieved a significant milestone in August 2017 by performing the world’s first successful esophageal regeneration on a patient with esophageal cancer and holds several patents in different countries. For more information, visit their website at or connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology (HART), a leading regenerative medicine company, will unveil its Q3 2023 financial results in an exclusive conference call and webcast on October 25, 2023.

The company’s President and CEO, Dr. John Smith, will lead the conference call, providing an overview of the company’s financial performance for the third quarter, as well as an update on key business initiatives and upcoming milestones.

During the webcast, Dr. Smith will also discuss HART’s progress in advancing its pipeline of regenerative medicine products, including its novel bioprinting technology and its proprietary cell-based therapies.

“We are excited to share the results of our efforts in the third quarter and provide insights into our continued progress in advancing regenerative medicine,” said Dr. Smith. “We remain committed to developing innovative solutions that address unmet medical needs and improve patient outcomes.”

Investors, analysts, and members of the media are invited to participate in the conference call and webcast, which will begin at 8:00 am ET. A live Q&A session will follow the presentation.

The conference call and webcast will be accessible through the Investor Relations section of HART’s website at A replay of the webcast will also be available on the website following the presentation.

HART is a pioneer in regenerative medicine, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to develop novel therapies for a range of disease areas, including cardiovascular, orthopedic, and neurological disorders. The company’s continued commitment to innovation and scientific excellence has positioned it as a leader in the field of regenerative medicine.

For more information on the conference call and webcast, please visit the Investor Relations section of HART’s website or contact the company’s Investor Relations team at

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