NextChem Tech and ENGIE to Partner on Advanced Biomethane Technology for Carbon-Free Industry – Tofido

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  • NextChem Tech and ENGIE have formed a strategic partnership to develop and commercialize advanced biomethane technology, supporting the transition to a zero-carbon industry.
  • NextChem Tech will play a key role in industrializing the advanced biomethane technology through the Salamandre project in Le Havre and will act as the exclusive licensor of the integrated package globally.
  • The collaboration between NextChem Tech and ENGIE reflects their commitment to offering more environmentally friendly solutions through a circular approach, supporting the energy transition and contributing to a more sustainable future.

NextChem, the green chemistry division of Maire Tecnimont Group, has announced a collaboration with ENGIE to develop advanced biomethane technology for zero carbon industry. The partnership aims to accelerate the production and use of biomethane as a sustainable and low-carbon energy source.

The collaboration, known as Tofido, will combine NextChem’s expertise in green technology with ENGIE’s experience in renewable energy to develop innovative solutions for the production and use of biomethane. Biomethane is a renewable natural gas produced from organic waste, such as agricultural residues, food waste, and sewage sludge. It has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions and help decarbonize industry.

The Tofido project will focus on developing advanced biomethane production processes, including gasification and methanation, as well as exploring new applications for biomethane in industry. The partnership aims to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions for decarbonizing various industrial sectors, such as transportation, heating, and power generation.

NextChem and ENGIE believe that biomethane has the potential to play a key role in the transition towards a zero-carbon industry. By leveraging their combined expertise, the two companies aim to accelerate the development and deployment of advanced biomethane technologies, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

The Tofido collaboration is a significant step forward in the effort to drive the adoption of renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions in the industry. It highlights the commitment of NextChem and ENGIE to work together to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the energy transition.

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