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NFT Technology It will be used by Argentine Airlines Flybondi for ticketing

  • Flybondi, an Argentine low-cost airline, is introducing blockchain technology into its operations. The company recently announced that it will begin issuing tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), expanding the possibilities of what customers can do with them. For example, users will be able to sell or transfer tokens to other travelers up to three days before the relevant flight.

Flybondi will issue NFT tickets

More and more companies are including NFTs in their business models because of the advantages and benefits they can bring. Flybondi, an Argentinian low-cost airline, has also decided to use blockchain technology in its operations, announcing that it will issue tickets in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), expanding its reach. vi what customers can do. The solution developed by Travelx, a blockchain technology development company, will allow customers to exchange, transfer and sell tickets, changing usernames up to three days before their flight.

The alliance has also introduced the ability to purchase these tickets with Binance Pay with stablecoins, including USDC at first. However, Travelx has announced that other stablecoins will be included to provide more possibilities for customers.

The inclusion of Web3 and NFT technologies in such transactions opens up a secondary market for customers. Regarding the use of these new technologies, Travelx says the decision ushers in a new phase “where the travel industry and the new world of web3 come together to deliver a much more flexible guest experience.” travel, while creating new revenue streams and reducing transaction costs for airlines.

Web3 introduces secondary market

The company is one of the pioneers to implement this kind of functionality and expects others to follow suit if this experiment is successful. Projects using NFT in their operations have doubled this year. On September 8, the European Union announced plans to use NFT to protect intellectual property and combat counterfeiting. In August, a report by Grand View Research, a market research firm, estimated that the NFT market will reach $200 billion by 2030.

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