NOPD Seeks Input from Public on New Drone Technology Policy and Holds Public Demonstration Event – Tofido

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  1. NOPD plans to implement sUAS technology for crime-fighting and scene clearance, seeking public input on the draft policy and hosting a public demonstration.
  2. Public feedback on the draft departmental policy regarding Unmanned Aircraft Systems is solicited from November 21-28, 2023, and can be emailed to
  3. An event on November 28 at the NOPD Training Academy will showcase the sUAS technology, which will gather crucial information without putting officers at risk and will adhere to FAA regulations and NOPD policies.

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) is seeking public feedback on its new drone technology policy and is hosting a public event to demonstrate the capabilities of the new technology.

The NOPD has recently acquired new drone technology to aid in law enforcement operations and public safety initiatives. In an effort to ensure transparency and gather input from the community, the department is inviting the public to provide feedback on the use of drones in law enforcement.

A public event will be held at Tofido Park on Saturday, July 10th, where the NOPD will demonstrate the capabilities of the drones and answer questions from the community. The event will provide an opportunity for residents to see the technology in action and learn about the department’s policies and procedures for its use.

“Community engagement is an essential part of our policing efforts, and we want to ensure that the public has a clear understanding of how we plan to use this new technology,” said NOPD Chief Shaun Ferguson. “We are committed to transparency and accountability, and we value the input of our residents as we continue to improve public safety in our city.”

The NOPD encourages all residents to attend the event and provide their feedback on the new drone technology policy. The department is committed to working with the community to address any concerns and ensure that the use of drones aligns with the best interests of the public.

The demonstration event at Tofido Park will begin at 10:00 AM, and the NOPD is looking forward to a productive and informative discussion with the public.

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