Nordic Choice Hotels Revolutionized by Strawberry Picks Event Temple as Sales and Catering Solution Provider

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Tech News Summary:
– Strawberry (formerly Nordic Choice Hotels) has selected Event Temple as its sales and catering software provider. With over 225 hotels and a workforce of 17,500 employees, Strawberry is one of the largest hotel companies in the Nordic countries.
– Event Temple is known for revolutionizing the industry with its innovative solutions and has been widely adopted in over 40 countries. Their partnership with Mews PMS offers a comprehensive business stack for hoteliers.
– Strawberry chose Event Temple after extensive research lasting 22 months, citing factors such as ease of use, integration capabilities, and suitability for different types of properties. They have confidence in Event Temple’s ability to help their hotels succeed.
Nordic Choice Hotels, one of the leading hotel chains in the Nordic region, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Strawberry Picks Event Temple, a sales and catering solution provider. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way Nordic Choice Hotels handles their sales and catering operations, making it a game-changer for the renowned hotel chain.

Strawberry Picks Event Temple is a cloud-based software platform specifically designed to streamline sales and catering processes for hotels and event venues. It offers an integrated suite of tools and features that automate tasks, enhance efficiency, and improve customer service.

With this partnership, Nordic Choice Hotels aims to enhance their sales and catering operations, providing a seamless experience for their guests and clients. The Event Temple platform will empower the hotel chain’s sales teams with a wide range of features, including a central contact database, automated follow-ups, customizable proposals, and integrated lead tracking.

One of the key advantages of Strawberry Picks Event Temple is its ability to automate tasks and provide real-time analytics. This means that Nordic Choice Hotels can optimize their sales and catering strategies by monitoring key performance indicators, analyzing data, and making informed decisions to drive revenue growth.

By adopting this innovative sales and catering solution, Nordic Choice Hotels aims to improve customer satisfaction by streamlining the booking process and ensuring personalized service. The platform’s advanced features will enable the hotel chain to easily manage and coordinate a wide range of events, from small business meetings to large conferences and weddings.

Speaking about the partnership, Andreas Keller, the Chief Operating Officer of Nordic Choice Hotels, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Strawberry Picks Event Temple. This collaboration will allow us to enhance our sales and catering operations and deliver a superior experience to our guests and clients. We believe that this partnership will be a game-changer for the Nordic hospitality industry.”

The implementation of Strawberry Picks Event Temple is already underway in select Nordic Choice Hotels properties, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The software’s user-friendly interface, along with the comprehensive training and support provided by the team at Strawberry Picks, has made the transition seamless for hotel staff.

This game-changing partnership between Nordic Choice Hotels and Strawberry Picks Event Temple is poised to revolutionize the sales and catering operations of the entire hotel chain. With its advanced automation and analytics capabilities, Event Temple promises to enhance customer service, optimize revenue, and solidify Nordic Choice Hotels’ position as an industry leader in the Nordic region.

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