Nothing introduces its most recent wireless earphones

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Outwardly an iterative update, the earbuds will look familiar to anyone who’s seen or used the first one. It includes many upgrades that improve everything from audio performance to sound personalization, battery life and improved water resistance.

Today’s release is an update to the brand’s “first product of its second generation,” the popular predecessor to the Ear (1), which launched in 2021 and has sold over 600,000 units.

Improving the acoustic performance of earbuds is a priority for the brand, and Ear(2) introduces new features to support it. “We designed everything from the ground up. We used cutting-edge technology to create the ultimate personal listening experience.” Equipped with a certified driver. Engineered membrane made of polyurethane (PU) and graphene. This material combination has been specially selected to improve the transmission of certain sound frequencies. PU allows the low frequencies to flow smoothly, its softness provides a clear sound, and the strength-to-weight ratio of graphene ensures that the highs are perfectly expressed at all times. is an easy-to-hold earphone.

Battery life has also improved since the Ear (1). The brand claims the new Ears (2) offer a total of 36 hours of playtime with a fully charged case and up to 6.3 hours of playtime between charges. The case itself supports 2.5W wireless charging, and in 10 minutes he can fast charge up to 8 hours, a useful feature for those in a hurry. Gesture controls for buds have changed. Ear(1) favored “touch”, but Ear(2) allows the user to control the earbuds through various “pressing” actions, and haptic feedback helps confirm these. The brand claims the change was inspired by fan feedback and should help avoid unintended actions from accidentally touching the earbuds.

His three mics in Ear(2) have also been updated, repositioned and better isolated from wind noise. This is complemented by the brand’s Clear Voice technology. The technology features state-of-the-art algorithms that claim to “make calls feel like face-to-face conversations.” It also didn’t add Dual Connect, a new feature that allows you to connect two devices at once. This should be welcomed by those who want to connect to both phone and computer, or switch between calling and listening to other her activities.

Additional upgrades from the Ear(2) are water and sweat resistance. The earbuds are IP54 rated and the case is IP55, so the product can be used in light rain or during exercise.

Personal Sound Profile, a feature that creates a customized listening experience based on the user’s ear structure and the range of frequencies the user can hear, is one of the additional modifications made to support these hardware upgrades (this differs from person to person and is affected by various factors such as age). A distinctive profile is automatically generated following a series of in-ear tests, and this can be manually modified using the Nothing X application.

Last but not least, audiophiles will be happy to learn that Ear (2) is compatible with LHDC 5.0 codecs and Hi-Res Audio. Ear (2) is now available on the company’s website, and tomorrow is the exclusive pre-sale day on HBX. The price of Ear (2) is £129 GBP or $149 USD and the general release date is March 28.

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