Numerous new features have just been added to Windows 11, including one that iPhone users will adore

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If you have not received the official patch called KB5023706 (opens in a new tab) you can go to Windows Update and check for new updates, then you should see Moment 2 ready to go.

Time 2 to be exact, and if that sounds familiar, that’s because Microsoft released it for testing (as an optional update) in late February. However, it has now arrived as a full release, which means it will come to all Windows 11 PCs as we enter this.

The update introduces a host of new features, including improvements for those using Windows 11 with touch screens (the taskbar is optimized for touch). Another big change is Phone Link for iOS, which gives iPhone owners the ability to connect their phone to the office (providing access to iMessage messages from their PC).

Windows 11 will now provide energy efficiency suggestions and additional help when troubleshooting your PC (via Quick Help). On top of that, the system tray gets a new coat of paint in the form of a circular focus (rather than a square, when hovering over the icons in the bottom right, to better match the rest of modern Windows 11. see ).

Accessibility features have also been enhanced, including improved support for braille devices and voice access to new commands.

Along with all the extra features, KB5023706 comes with the usual series of security fixes that Microsoft provides along with these monthly cumulative updates.

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