On Samsung devices, some T-Mobile customers experience service disconnections

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The document reveals that Samsung accidentally turned on the new devices’ internal eSIM before they were shipped. And as a result, even with SIM protection turned on, the customer’s currently activated SIM is disconnected.

Customers who were impacted have turned to Reddit to express their worries. Additionally, an internal document confirms the bug, as reported by The T-Mo Report. It turned out that customers who purchased their device for their T-Mobile line directly from Samsung’s website are having trouble.

Many people are understandably paranoid about this given the recent onset of data breaches affecting T-Mobile and its MVNOs. The affected customers have grown anxious that they might become the next SIM swapping victims. But the document provides confirmation of the situation and reassures customers that they haven’t been compromised.

The fact that the problem is described in the past tense in the document might mean that T-Mobile has already made efforts to resolve it. T-Mobile further clarified that there is no fraud issue; rather, Samsung made a mistake.

If you are an affected customer, you can get your current SIM reactivated by contacting T-Mobile support.

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