OnePlus Ace 2 was presented as the company’s first “triple-chip” Android smartphone

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  • ‘Dual-chip’ Android smartphones with custom co-processors to augment various key device features are becoming more common. OnePlus clearly thinks so, as it has decided to pack even more silicon into the upcoming Ace 2.

OnePlus executive Li Jie attributes the first-generation SuperVOOC S chip to the company’s increased investment in research and development. Its integration into the Ace 2 is said to extend the life of its new 100W charging system by making it more end-to-end (or, at the very least, more first-party) than previous-generation solutions.

The battery-management silicon is set to join a “professional rendering chip” (a slightly ambiguous description that could be aimed at display, imaging, or both) in backing up a main former flagship processor in the Ace 2 when it debuts in China on February 7, 2023. To date, it is unclear whether the SuperVOOC S will be included in the device’s global edition, the 11R, when it is released on the same day.

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