Opera is planning to add ChatGPT to its browser

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The information was released at the same time that Google and Microsoft this week disclosed plans to integrate chatbot technology with their respective search engines. Since its release in late November, ChatGPT, a product of Microsoft-backed OpenAI, has become increasingly well-liked.

Timing and whether the features would be accessible across all of Opera’s products, which include desktop and mobile browsers for iOS and Android, were not provided.

According to Statcounter data for January, Google’s Chrome has a 65.4% market share worldwide, followed by Microsoft’s Edge with a 4.5% share.

According to the data, Opera has a 2.4% market share and is currently ranked sixth among all browsers.

As of the third quarter, Opera, a company based in Norway that also runs a browser tailored for gaming, had an average of 321 million monthly active users. The company reported that the third quarter’s revenue increased by 28% year over year to $85.3 million thanks in part to its gaming browser business.

Beijing-based parent company Kunlun Tech is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. The company declared its work on a variety of AI-generated media, including music and images, would be made open source in December.

Shares of Kunlun Tech have increased by more than 40% so far this year. The shares of Nasdaq-listed Opera have increased by just over 10% during that time.

Many businesses have hurried to announce their involvement in projects that resemble ChatGPT. Earlier this week, the Chinese tech giant Baidu announced that it would likely finish internal testing of its own artificial intelligence chatbot in March before making it available to the general public. Alibaba is also developing a ChatGPT rival, but did not provide a release date. It’s unclear how the capabilities of ChatGPT would stack up against those of these new AI features.

According to Statcounter, Google commands a massive 96.5% of the global market for mobile search, with Baidu coming in second with a 0.7% share.

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