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Partnership between NPR and Futuro Studios for the next dual language podcast


This production partnership unites two of her organizations transforming the podcast industry. NPR is one of her top podcast publishers, including five shows she has on the top 20 podtrac list in the Podtrac rankings. Futuro Media’s original creative division, Futuro Studios, produced her Pulitzer Prize-winning and award-winning breakout series Her Suave, Anything and more. Selena on WBUR, La Brega on WNYC, and LOUD: A History of Reggaeton on Spotify.

Washington DC. and New York, NY – NPR and Futuro Studios are proud to announce a collaboration on NPR’s new bilingual podcast hosted by her Jasmine Garsd. The Last Her Cup, which uses football to explore themes of identity, capitalism, immigration, class and race, is set to launch later in the fall in anticipation of the FIFA World Her Cup. Episodes will be released in both English and Spanish.


  • In 2010, she co-founded the Alt.Latino podcast with Felix Contreras. She is as passionate about soccer as she is about Latin music. “Jasmine is one of the industry’s best kept secrets. She’s a brilliant, funny, witty writer and reporter who wows audiences,” said Marlon Bishop, Vice President of Podcasts at Futuro Studios and writer/producer of The Last Cup. “Futuro is at the forefront of the podcast space, bringing the sensitivity and bilingual production expertise to support it.

  • Jasmine Garsd has worked at various desks at NPR, worked on some of public radio’s most famous programs such as PRI’s The World, was a lead reporter for a global initiative documenting women’s lives, and has been on the APM Marketplace. I’ve been working Throughout her career, she has addressed many important issues such as immigration, poverty and race. She is currently a Criminal Justice Correspondent for the NPR National Desk in New York City.

“The Last Cup has everything we want and love in a podcast: a fresh and relatable connection to the stories she tells, a compelling narrative, and a profound sense of society. She’s a dynamic host with the ability to tell us something.” said Maria Garcia, editor-in-chief of Futuro Studios. “This is not just a football podcast. This is a podcast about the universal longing for home.”

NPR continues to be the gold standard in audio journalism. , informative, heartfelt, and often hilarious.” Her vice president of programming and new content development, Yolanda Sangweni, said: “The Last Cup represents exactly what we want to offer our listeners: unique and nuanced storytelling from diverse creators.” Lauren Gonzalez, Senior Manager of Content Development, said: “Working closely with Futuro, we assembled a dream team of journalists to share their lived experiences and fandom.

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