Pentagon Tech Hub Collaborates with Anduril to Provide Advanced Underwater Drone to Navy

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  • DIU has awarded Anduril Industries a contract to provide large diameter autonomous underwater vehicles to sailors for operations this year.
  • The U.S. Navy has selected Anduril for a follow-on contract, allowing operational units to borrow the unmanned vehicles for experiments or purchase them as routine tools for their missions.
  • The Dive-LD, acquired by Anduril in early 2022, was designed with manufacturing capability, payload integration, and smart operations powered by artificial intelligence, potentially solving challenges faced by the Navy in adding large unmanned underwater vehicles to its fleet.

The Pentagon Tech Hub has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Anduril Industries to provide the US Navy with cutting-edge underwater drone technology. The collaboration aims to enhance the Navy’s capabilities in maritime security and intelligence gathering.

Anduril Industries, a leader in autonomous systems and artificial intelligence, will work with the Pentagon Tech Hub to deliver state-of-the-art underwater drones that are designed to operate in challenging maritime environments. These advanced drones will provide the Navy with improved situational awareness and the ability to conduct underwater reconnaissance missions with greater precision and efficiency.

The partnership between the Pentagon Tech Hub and Anduril Industries represents a significant step forward in the development of next-generation underwater drone technology. By leveraging the expertise of both organizations, the Navy will have access to innovative solutions that can help to address evolving threats in the maritime domain.

In a statement, the Pentagon Tech Hub emphasized the importance of the partnership in supporting the Navy’s mission to maintain maritime superiority. “We are thrilled to be working with Anduril Industries to deliver cutting-edge underwater drone technology to the US Navy,” said a spokesperson for the Pentagon Tech Hub. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to providing the men and women of the Navy with the most advanced tools and capabilities to safeguard our waters and defend our national security interests.”

The announcement comes at a time when the US military is increasingly focused on modernizing its capabilities and staying ahead of emerging threats. The partnership between the Pentagon Tech Hub and Anduril Industries underscores the commitment to leveraging innovation and technology to ensure the Navy remains a dominant force in the maritime domain.

With the support of Anduril Industries, the Pentagon Tech Hub is poised to deliver game-changing underwater drone technology that will enable the Navy to maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving global security landscape. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the effort to enhance the Navy’s capabilities and readiness for the challenges of the future.

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