Players with unusually long babies are terrorized by the Sims 4 “infant stretching” bug

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With the exception of the anatomical crimes, the new infants update appears to be popular. As anticipated, many Sims 4 players on Twitch are already trying the well-liked 100 babies challenge and amusingly getting overwhelmed by the more difficult infants and toddlers.

On the official EA Answers hub, players are posting bug reports for the same problem with similarly upsetting images. Many people have hypothesized that infants become clingy when they attempt or are the target of interactions that are inappropriate for their developmental stage.

Although there hasn’t been a hotfix for babies with taffy legs yet, the infants update patch notes are fully available on EA’s website and include a list of changes and bug fixes. Growing Together, the upcoming Sims 4 expansion pack, will be released tomorrow, March 16. It includes more baby supplies and a significantly expanded social simulation.

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