PlayStation, from MiHoYo to XBox e Phone Storage is the new battles game developers are fighting

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  • Neither the PlayStation 5 nor the Xbox Series X have enough storage space. This is a major breakthrough for current-gen consoles, as triple-A games take up a lot of storage space (Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War is 190 GB). Moreover, neither company offers satisfactory storage solutions, at least initially.

A common solution used by gamers is to delete games in order to make space on their hard drives. Console storage capacity has historically been rather constrained. Over the years, multiple consoles with various hard drive sizes have been launched by Sony and Microsoft. The advertised storage capacity determines their order. Notably, the operating system uses portion of this memory, not the games.

When the first PlayStation was introduced in 1995, memory cards were a necessity for data management. Additionally lacking a hard drive, it shows years of significant console design advancements. The first gaming console to sell 100 million units worldwide was the original PlayStation, which popularized titles like Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider. In addition, before the Internet became popular, we connected cables and offered multiplayer games.

The PS2’s release in 2000 represented a much-needed improvement for Sony. Most recognizable was the presence of a DVD player, which was handy for both movie enthusiasts and gamers. Dual analog sticks were first introduced with the clunky console and have since become a contentious trademark for Sony. The PS2 introduced gamers some renowned PlayStation-only titles that are still in production today. Ratchet and Clank as well as God of War. That was in the days of compact games and low storage requirements.

Microsoft entered console gaming long after Sony – 2001. The console had 8 GB of storage space on its internal hard drive, as opposed to the PS2, which had no hard drive at all. There were also slots for memory cards, but these are no longer needed for saving games. That said, it’s great for Microsoft to provide an easy way for gamers to bring games to their friends’ homes.In addition to his friendly approach to users, Halo’s introduction is another example of Xbox’s success. That was one big reason.

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