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Preview of Honor MagicBook 14 (2022)


The new 2022 model is less affordable, starting at €1099 (around £950). However, the 14-inch laptop still offers excellent value for money as it has some improvements over its predecessor. I just got my new laptop and got some first impressions. I haven’t made a final judgment yet as I haven’t had time to complete the battery tests yet. If you type the word “laptop” into the AI ​​image generator, you might see something very similar to the Honor MagicBook 14 (2022).

The Honor MagicBook 14 (2022) is a very promising laptop. Several upgrades have been made, including improved performance, screen clarity, and better webcam placement. An early sign is that Honor will continue to be one of the leading laptop brands for premium portable notebooks. The Honor MagicBook laptop series is known for offering great value for money. The Honor MagicBook 14 (2020) was available for just £799.99 despite being a top-of-the-line premium notebook.


  • Honor isn’t trying to design the world’s thinnest laptop with a significantly thicker frame (16.9mm) than the Dell XPS 13 Plus (15.28mm) or MacBook Air M2 (11.3mm), but it still It was very easy for me. slip into the bag. The Honor has the advantage of a slightly chunkier build as it fits a variety of ports like USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, headphone jack etc. This is the best port I’ve seen on an Ultrabook in years is one of the options for I personally like the old ports for connecting old peripherals and USB sticks without dongles.

  • It has a space gray aluminum body with a 14-inch screen surrounded by thin black trim. From a distance, this laptop could easily be mistaken for his MacBook Air or Huawei’s MateBook. Such a general look could accuse the MagicBook of lacking any personality of its own, but it’s an undercut to the MacBook Air and Dell XPS 13: a well-built portable at an affordable price. It’s hard to complain too much about what you get at.

Jump off the keyboard and look up at the video caller’s nose to look bad. This has changed and the webcam is now in its proper place on the top bezel of the screen.

But it’s also important to note that the Honor MagicBook 14 is significantly heavier than some of its competitors. Weighing in at 1.58 kg, it’s several hundred grams heavier than the Dell XPS 13 Plus (1.23 kg) and MacBook Air (1.24 kg). Does it really make a big difference? I personally don’t think so. You can comfortably hold your laptop in one hand and put it in your backpack without hurting your back.One of my biggest complaints with the previous MagicBook 14 (2020) was the webcam base.

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