Robosys reveals advanced autonomous control system powered by AI

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Tech News Summary:

  • Robosys Automation secures a contract for AI-powered autonomous unmanned surface vessel (USV) from Legacy Marine of South Africa.
  • The USV, designed by Icarus Marine and built by Legacy Marine, will revolutionize maritime operations with its AI-powered technology and advanced capabilities.
  • The USV’s autonomous navigation system, powered by Robosys’ Voyager AI system, offers advanced collision avoidance functionality and ensures intelligent continuity of operations even in situations of loss of communications.

Robosys, a leading robotics and automation company, has unveiled its latest cutting-edge AI-driven autonomous control system, promising to revolutionize the way robots are controlled and operated.

The new system, named RoboAI, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enable robots to make complex decisions and carry out tasks independently, without human intervention. This breakthrough technology is expected to greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of various industries that rely on robotics and automation.

“We are extremely excited to introduce RoboAI to the world,” said Dr. Sophia Chang, CEO of Robosys. “This revolutionary autonomous control system represents a significant leap forward in the field of robotics and automation. It will empower our customers to achieve new levels of productivity and precision in their operations.”

RoboAI is designed to be adaptable and easily integrated with a wide range of robotic devices and systems. Its advanced AI algorithms enable robots to learn and adapt to different environments and tasks, making them more versatile and capable of handling complex challenges.

One of the key features of RoboAI is its ability to perform real-time data analysis and make quick decisions, which is crucial for applications such as autonomous vehicles, manufacturing automation, and logistics. This capability can significantly reduce the need for human oversight and improve overall operational efficiency.

The unveiling of RoboAI has already generated significant interest and excitement within the robotics industry. Industry experts and potential customers are eager to explore the potential benefits of this groundbreaking technology and how it can transform their current operations.

With the launch of RoboAI, Robosys is poised to solidify its position as a leader in the robotics and automation market, and is likely to set new standards for autonomous control systems in the industry.

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