SABIC Unveils Advanced ULTEM HU Resins at MD&M West 2024

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  • SABIC will showcase ULTEM HU resins at MD&M West 2024, offering alternatives to ethylene oxide sterilization.
  • The resins are stable in various sterilization methods, can withstand multiple sterilization cycles, and can help reduce breakage and fading in applications.
  • ULTEM HU resins are compatible with conventional sterilization methods and offer options for different mechanical and thermal properties, as well as biocompatibility and chemical resistance.

SABIC, a global leader in the chemicals industry, has showcased its latest innovation in healthcare materials at the MD&M West 2024 exhibition and conference. The company unveiled its cutting-edge ULTEM HU resins, which are specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the healthcare industry.

ULTEM HU resins are high-performance thermoplastic materials that offer an outstanding combination of strength, resistance to chemicals and high heat, and biocompatibility. These properties make them an ideal choice for a wide range of medical devices and equipment, including surgical instruments, sterilization cases, and drug delivery systems.

During the event, SABIC experts highlighted the unique features and benefits of ULTEM HU resins, including their ability to withstand repeated sterilization cycles without compromising performance or integrity. The resins also offer excellent transparency and color stability, making them suitable for applications where visual clarity and aesthetic appeal are important.

“We are excited to showcase our ULTEM HU resins at MD&M West 2024, as they represent a significant advancement in materials technology for the healthcare industry,” said Mark Algie, Vice President, SABIC Healthcare, Americas. “These resins are designed to help our customers develop innovative, high-performance healthcare solutions that can improve patient outcomes and enhance overall safety and efficiency.”

SABIC’s ULTEM HU resins have already been well received by leading medical device manufacturers who have recognized their potential to enable the development of next-generation healthcare products. The company’s experts are actively collaborating with these manufacturers to support their material selection and development processes, ensuring that they can fully leverage the unique properties of ULTEM HU resins in their designs.

The showcase of ULTEM HU resins at MD&M West 2024 demonstrates SABIC’s commitment to driving innovation and delivering advanced solutions for the healthcare industry. By leveraging its deep expertise in materials science and its extensive capabilities in research and development, the company is well positioned to support the evolving needs of the healthcare sector and contribute to the creation of safer, more efficient, and more advanced medical devices and equipment.

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