Sam Waterston Leaves ‘Law & Order’ After Over 400 Episodes, Tony Goldwyn to Take Over- Tofido

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  • Sam Waterston is leaving “Law & Order” after over 400 episodes, and Tony Goldwyn will replace him as the new district attorney.
  • Waterston expressed gratitude to the show’s audience and Dick Wolf, the creator, for the show’s success and reflected on his time on the show and its impact on his career.
  • Waterston discussed his return to the set of “Law & Order” after more than a decade, calling the experience “totally surreal” and sharing his thoughts on the show’s relevance.

After more than 400 episodes, Sam Waterston has announced his departure from the long-running TV series ‘Law & Order’. The 81-year-old actor has portrayed District Attorney Jack McCoy for over a decade and has become a beloved fixture on the show.

Waterston’s departure comes as a surprise to many fans of the show, but he has expressed his desire to explore new projects and spend more time with his family. In a statement, he thanked the cast, crew, and fans for their support over the years and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play such an iconic character.

However, fans of ‘Law & Order’ will not be left without a familiar face for long. It has been announced that Tony Goldwyn will be stepping in to replace Waterston in the role of District Attorney. Goldwyn is best known for his role as President Fitzgerald Grant in the hit TV show ‘Scandal’, and his addition to the cast is sure to bring a new dynamic to the long-running series.

The news of Waterston’s departure and Goldwyn’s arrival has created a buzz among fans of the show, with many expressing their excitement to see what the future holds for ‘Law & Order’. The show’s creator, Dick Wolf, has also expressed his confidence in Goldwyn’s ability to fill the shoes of Waterston and continue the legacy of the beloved series.

As ‘Law & Order’ continues to captivate audiences with its gripping storylines and compelling characters, the addition of Tony Goldwyn is sure to bring a fresh perspective to the show. Fans can look forward to seeing him in action when the new season premieres.

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