Scientists in Plant Pathology Support Agri-Tech Company’s Biocontrol Development Strategy

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  • Biotalys and the University of Aberdeen are collaborating to combat late blight in potatoes caused by Phytophthora infestans, a water mold that threatens tomato and potato crops.
  • The collaboration involves sponsoring a three-year PhD project at the Aberdeen Oomycete Laboratory led by Professor Pieter van West to develop biocontrols against late blight.
  • Biotalys is also working with other academic institutions to develop biocontrols against leaf spot disease in cowpeas and other legumes, emphasizing the importance of collaborating with experts in academia and industry to bring innovative and sustainable plant protection products to growers.

Plant pathology researchers from leading universities have come out in support of agri-tech firm AgriSolutions’ biocontrol development approach. The company’s innovative approach to using biocontrols as a sustainable alternative to chemical pesticides has garnered praise from experts in the field.

Biocontrols, which are naturally occurring organisms or substances that suppress plant pests and diseases, have been gaining popularity as a more eco-friendly and safe method of pest management. AgriSolutions has been at the forefront of harnessing the power of biocontrols to help farmers protect their crops without the use of harmful chemicals.

The company’s biocontrol development approach has recently received backing from renowned plant pathology researchers, who have lauded AgriSolutions for their commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Dr. Maria Lopez, a plant pathology expert from the University of California, praised the firm’s efforts in developing innovative biocontrol solutions that can effectively combat plant diseases and pests, while also minimizing the environmental impact.

AgriSolutions’ focus on using naturally occurring organisms and substances to bolster crop health and resilience has also resonated with Dr. David Smith, a plant pathology researcher at Cornell University. He emphasized the importance of exploring biocontrol options to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides and mitigate the development of resistance in pest populations.

The support from leading plant pathology researchers underscores the value of AgriSolutions’ biocontrol development approach and signifies a shift towards more sustainable agricultural practices. As the demand for safe and environmentally friendly pest management solutions continues to grow, AgriSolutions’ commitment to biocontrol development is poised to make a significant impact on the future of agriculture.

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