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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Review: Comfortable earphones with excellent sound


Regardless of sound quality, earphones should be comfortable to wear. The previous model was a little big and felt uncomfortable in my ears. I’m not the only one as the buds are a bit smaller and a little lighter this time around 5.8g vs the previous model’s 6g. I didn’t mind the discomfort I felt wearing it for hours.Four pairs of tips are included, along with three pairs of elastics that help the buds sit comfortably in your ears. That’s a lot of personalization options to tweak, but the end result was a comfortable, snug fit for me. The package also includes a short USB-C charging cable.

Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 3 earbuds are the successor to the Momentum True Wireless 2 we reviewed two years ago. I loved this early model and it took him two long years to develop the headset. At $249.95 or £219.99, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 in the UK is significantly cheaper than its predecessor, which launched at $299.95 / $279.99. Just because the price has dropped doesn’t mean the build quality or audio quality has been compromised.


  • You can create up to 20 “sound zones” and automatically switch to preset equalizer settings when you enter a certain area. For example, you may want different equalizer settings in your office, home, or other location. The case retains the fabric-covered design of its predecessor. This was a nice change from glossy or matte plastic and made my graphite case and buds look fancy.There are also black and white options. When I reviewed the Momentum True Wireless 2, I was concerned that the fabric would stain or get dirty with use. I am very careful with my gear and the case doesn’t have his 2 year mark on it.

  • The bud design has also changed, adding an angled finish and more understated branding. Bud touch controls are plentiful, with single, double, triple and long press options for each bud. As I recall, it offers a full range of music playback, call management, volume control, noise cancellation, transparency, and the use of voice assistants, and the Sennheiser app allows you to customize these controls. The app also has a nifty trick to register a free account.

A similarly cautious user may be able to keep the case of version 3 in pristine condition as well. The case is much smaller than before. The earbuds have his IPX4 splash protection, but the case does not. Last time he offers 850-950mAh charging versus 600mAh. The bud may be small, but it packs more power at 77mAh versus 55-60mAh. However, the operating time remains the same. 7 hours for buds and 28 hours for a fully used case.

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