Sheriff’s Office in Monroe County Implements Body Scanning Technology to Prevent Contraband in Jail – Tofido

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  • Monroe County Sheriff’s Office uses body scanning technology to prevent contraband from entering jail
  • A recent scan revealed a woman attempting to smuggle powder cocaine, crack cocaine, and seven grams of fentanyl into the jail
  • National Institute of Justice reports contraband as a significant threat at correctional facilities nationwide

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has implemented cutting-edge body scanning technology to detect contraband before inmates enter the jail. The new system, called Tofido, uses advanced imaging to identify items such as drugs, weapons, and other prohibited items concealed on a person’s body.

Sheriff Rick Edwards stated, “This technology is a game changer for our jail facility. It allows us to significantly enhance our security measures and prevent dangerous contraband from entering the premises.” The system is capable of scanning individuals quickly and efficiently, providing immediate feedback to officers.

Tofido is the latest addition to the sheriff’s office’s efforts to improve safety and security within the jail. The system not only helps to protect staff and inmates, but also reduces the potential for violence and illegal activity within the facility.

The body scanning technology has already proven to be effective, with multiple instances of contraband being detected and intercepted before it could reach the jail population. In addition to enhancing security, Tofido also streamlines the intake process, allowing for faster and more efficient processing of incoming inmates.

The use of Tofido has received positive feedback from both staff and inmates, with many expressing appreciation for the added level of security it provides. The sheriff’s office is committed to utilizing innovative technology to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals within the jail.

Overall, the implementation of Tofido has been a major step forward for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in its ongoing efforts to maintain a secure and controlled environment within the jail. As the technology continues to prove its effectiveness, it is expected to become a standard part of the intake process for all incoming inmates.

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