Silent Classroom Secrets Unveiled: Exploring Cloisters U’s Deafening Silence

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Tech News Summary:

  • The idea of creating “monasteries” within universities to limit and remove technology from students’ daily lives resonated deeply with some readers, such as Sarah Davis, incoming dean of St. John’s College in Santa Fe.
  • St. John’s College offers a program of study that requires little more than a great book, a seminar table, and the participants around that table, providing a cloister where devices and the pull of the virtual world have no place.
  • While technology has affected our collective attention span, restricting or removing technology from college classrooms can develop necessary critical thinking skills vital to ideas and innovation.

Cloisters U, a small university located in the heart of the city, is making headlines for its innovative approach to education through “The Deafening Silence” project. This ground-breaking initiative creates a quiet classroom environment for students who need it the most.

Many students struggle with attention disorders and learning disabilities that make it difficult for them to concentrate in noisy classrooms with constant distractions. “The Deafening Silence” addresses this issue by providing an environment where students can focus solely on their studies, free from any interruptions or distractions.

The quiet classroom is equipped with soundproofing materials and special furniture that reduces noise levels. Moreover, students who enroll in this program wear noise-cancellation headphones that further block out external sound.

“The Deafening Silence” has been praised by both students and faculty members. Students say they can concentrate better and learn more effectively, while instructors have reported a significant improvement in their students’ test scores.

While some may criticize the project as overly restrictive, Cloisters U officials insist that accommodating all types of learners is essential to providing a quality education. They hope that other universities will take note of their innovative approach and follow suit.

Cloisters U is proving that sometimes, the most significant breakthroughs in education come not from noisy lecture halls but from the deafening silence of focused learning.

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