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SMX provides forest, timber and timber industries with a specialized solution of circular and sustainable biomarkers


With the launch of operations, SMX will strengthen its blockchain platform and Fashion Sustainability Competence Center to provide product level proof of sustainable plantations, helping forestry, timber and timber companies to comply with the European Green Deal regulations. Help you comply. The unique biomarkers can also be used for population tracking and insurance purposes, especially during wildfire seasons.

A next-generation brand protection and certification services provider announced the launch of a forest, timber and lumber biomarking business with a focus on eucalyptus gum trees. After a year of research and laboratory testing, SMX has initiated field trials to test the entire wood product cycle from seed and plant to manufacturing, wet wood and dry wood, recycled wood to provide wood. provided an end-to-end chemical-based barcode tracing solution for The material based on has started.


  • An enhanced Green Deal economy with SMX’s blockchain platform

  • “The diversity of timber and the timber industry ranges from construction to apparel to fashion to insurance and everything in between. Yet, the ability to mark, track and trace products for authentication, carbon credits, and sustainability has been notoriously difficult until now. Through SMX`s unique capabilities, we are the first to solve this multi-industry issue through a ready, easy to implement and scalable solution that can easily detect the origination and traceability data embedded in timber lumber and fibres through SMX’s proprietary reader within seconds, without the need for extensive lab tests,” said Haggai Alon, CEO and Co-Founder of Security Matters.

In addition, with our market-leading end-to-end supply chain tracing solution, forestry, timber and timber industry companies and end traders using fabrics made from wood fibres, are doing business in accordance with the European Green Deal. is guaranteed. Rules. It also opens new avenues for sustainability by providing access to environmental credits and the ability to identify the origin of fibers and wood for sorting and recycling for future use.

The European Union is at the forefront of the green initiative. Its recent proposals and ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050 have reshaped the conversation on sustainability and highlighted that more needs to be done to ensure a sustainable future.
The expansion of SMX’s biomarker operation beyond the plastics circularity industry and the Fashion Sustainability Competence Centre connects the ethical growing of wood forests/plantations to the ethical consumption of trees within one system for the first time.

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