Some of your favorite Teams features will be moved to a new Premium subscription

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  • Microsoft announced a slew of new Teams features at its Ignite 2022 conference in October of last year, as well as information about Teams Premium, an add-on subscription with advanced AI-powered features. The premium subscription went live in December as a 30-day trial, and Microsoft plans to launch it next month. When it goes live, Microsoft will move a few features from standard Teams licences to Teams Premium, forcing users to pay an additional fee to continue using them.

This change was revealed by Microsoft in a licencing guide update discovered by The Register (via The Verge). It is stated that “Some Teams features will be transferred from Teams licences to [a] Teams Premium licence” 30 days after Teams Premium is launched. Users will lose access to features previously available in Teams without the Teams Premium add-on after the 30-day grace period unless the admin purchases and assigns Teams Premium licences to their users “The guide continues.

Here are all the features that Microsoft will move behind a bigger paywall:

Teams Premium will also give you access to a new Meeting guide to help you choose the right type of meeting, as well as custom meeting logos and backgrounds. You’ll also get AI-powered features like intelligent meeting recaps, AI-generated meeting tasks, and intelligent playback to navigate meetings using chapters.


Additionally, Teams Premium will provide personalised meeting insights, intelligent search, and security enhancements to prevent users from recording meetings and copying text from meeting chat. Microsoft is expected to charge $10 per user per month for all of these features. Once the add-on is available, the company will reveal final pricing information.

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