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Sony’s PS5 will cost more outside the US


However, Europe, the UK, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada all end up paying more – parts of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The fact that it’s likely to be a little more frustrating for those who have struggled to get their hands on it since the console launched in 2020.  According to Sony, these prices will take effect immediately and the announcement he made on August 25th.

Sony is raising the price of the PS5 as the cost of the console will soon rise in many countries outside the US. did. Global inflation and currency fluctuations are cited as the main causes. One very important thing to know is that Sony’s latest console prices aren’t going up everywhere. As mentioned above, in the US you don’t have to worry. The PS5 disc version is $499.99, and the digital version remains at $399.99.


  • Instead, console prices will remain unchanged until September 15th. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan claims the company is looking to remedy supply chain issues that caused the PS5 to be pulled off shelves outside of low inventory. The company’s top priority is to improve its supply situation so more players can “know what PS5 has to offer and what’s coming.” Of course, that doesn’t help people who would have to shell out more cash for a console if they had another chance to buy one. Games for PS5, in particular, were already controversial due to their high prices.

  • This means that in areas where prices are rising, you should be aware of new prices starting today. Price fluctuations also vary slightly by region. For example, in the UK, PS5 Disc and Digital Editions cost £30 each. In Europe, each version of the console will be 50 euros more expensive. In Japan, the price is raised by 10,500 yen. It’s also worth noting that Japan is the only country where prices won’t go up after August 25th.

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