Straight up! will have unique deck themes when launched on Netflix

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“Doubling the catalog to her 50+ games by the end of the year”. Today’s news comes just weeks after it was revealed that 1.7 million people watch Netflix games every day. Netflix seems to be looking to improve those numbers by getting new content for the platform faster. “With the addition of Netflix Heads Up! Our games catalog will be rounded to 27 mobile games, and by the end of the year our catalog will double to over 50 games,” Netflix said in an announcement.

Ellen’s popular mobile charade app, Heads Up!, comes to Netflix today as an exclusive version of the game that includes 28 new card decks from popular series such as Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and Squid Games.
There are also decks of more general entertainment girlfriends for genres such as anime, real culprits, and off-screen shows. So if you regularly watch exclusive content on Netflix, chances are you’ll find a category you like. The new game announcement also says it will be playable in 13 new languages ​​on both Android and iOS devices.


  • You can access the game by logging into your Netflix account on your mobile device. Members on Android and iOS phones will see a dedicated Games row and Games tab where they can select games to download.
    Having such a recognizable and easily accessible game in your Netflix library could lead to a surge in player numbers for the upcoming holiday season of family visits and indoor parties. With Netflix seeing a significant drop in subscriber numbers this year, it’s no wonder the streaming giant is looking to diversify its portfolio.

  • It may not be a new face, but it is certainly a recognizable one. The game was featured prominently on The Ellen Show (published by Ellen Digital Venture and developed by Gasket Games) and to date he has been downloaded over 70 million times worldwide. It has also been ranked as Apple’s top paid app in the App Store for the last five years in a row (available for $1.99) and is now available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

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