Students in the Bay Area Invent a Life-Preserving Tool for Self-defense in School Shootings

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Tech News Summary:

  • A team of high school students from San Jose’s Gunderson High School has developed an artificial intelligence device called SIREN that can detect gunshots and quickly alert students, staff members, teachers, and police departments in affected schools to the location of the shooter.
  • There were over 300 school shootings in the US in 2022 and 178 within the first six months of 2023. The inspiration behind the team’s device was a school shooting in Texas in which 21 people were killed and police arrived an hour after the attack began.
  • Although similar technology exists, SIREN can offer real-time communication to everyone in the building and can potentially reduce response times during school shootings, saving lives. The team has already won first prize in a prestigious innovation competition and is looking for investors to further develop the device.

In a bid to address school shootings and protect themselves and their peers, a group of Bay Area students have created a life-saving device. The device is designed to help prevent mass shootings and provide a sense of security to students.

The product, dubbed “The Guardian Angel,” is a small, palm-sized device that is attached to a keychain. The device features a panic button that, when pressed, immediately alerts school officials and sends an alert message to the authorities.

The students behind the device have stated that they were inspired by the increasing number of school shootings across the country and the need for a solution. The students, who have formed a company called “Guardian Angels,” have stated that they are committed to making their product widely available and affordable.

The device is currently being tested in a number of schools in California, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Teachers and students have praised the device for its ease of use, reliability, and effectiveness.

As the debate around gun control and school safety continues in the United States, the students behind “The Guardian Angel” hope that their invention can be a small step towards creating a safer environment for students across the country. They hope to see their product implemented in schools across the nation to prevent a tragedy from happening that could have been avoided.

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