Survey Shows Indian Audience Trusts Traditional Online News Platforms the Most, According to DNPA-EY

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  • Indian audience trusts legacy online news platforms the most, as revealed by a DNPA-EY survey released during the second DNPA Conclave & Digital Impact Awards.
  • Over 341 million people in India access online news platforms from traditional news companies, but the rise of social media has also led to an increase in fake news, creating distrust among readers.
  • While digital news reaches a substantial portion of the population in India, the industry faces financial challenges, with news generation companies receiving only a modest 4% share of the advertising revenues. Achieving profitability remains an obstacle for many digital news publishers.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY), Indian audiences continue to place their trust in legacy online news platforms. The survey, which aimed to understand the digital news consumption habits and trust levels of Indian audiences, revealed that traditional news publishers are considered the most reliable sources of information.

The survey found that over 60% of the respondents stated that they trust legacy online news platforms, which have a long-standing reputation for credible and reliable journalism. This is in contrast to social media platforms and newer digital news outlets, which are viewed with more skepticism by the Indian audience.

The findings highlight the enduring trust that Indian audiences place in established news organizations, despite the proliferation of digital news sources in recent years. This sentiment is likely driven by the perception that legacy news platforms adhere to higher journalistic standards and ethics.

The survey also revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has further reinforced the importance of reliable news sources, with 64% of the respondents stating that they turned to legacy online news platforms for credible information during the crisis.

Commenting on the survey results, a spokesperson for DNPA said, “The survey underscores the continued trust that Indian audiences place in legacy online news platforms. This reaffirms the crucial role that traditional news publishers play in providing accurate and trustworthy information to the public.”

The survey findings have important implications for the digital news industry, as it underscores the enduring value of credibility and trust in a media landscape that is increasingly crowded and competitive. It also highlights the responsibility of news organizations to uphold high journalistic standards in order to maintain the trust of their audience.

Overall, the DNPA-EY survey provides valuable insights into the digital news consumption habits and trust levels of Indian audiences, emphasizing the continued importance of legacy online news platforms in the Indian media landscape.

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