T-Mobile Home Internet customers suffer From Update that breaks modems

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  • This week, a software upgrade that kills modems reportedly caused thousands of T-Mobile home internet subscribers to lose all access to their service.

A firmware update released to Sagemcom Fast 5688W modems used by T-Mobile home internet customers broke about 34,000 of the devices by disconnecting them from the carrier’s network and prevented them from being reset on T-end. Mobile’s Customers have had to completely replace their modems in the absence of a remote patch.

“On a problem that we are still looking into and that is resulting in sporadic connection problems on their equipment that serves our home internet customers, we spoke with our vendor. We provide customers with options for a simple swap to ensure they have a functional gadget “The sentence was read.

Just 25% of consumers who received the update appear to have been impacted, and T-Mobile reportedly ceased providing the software to other users. The update was made to address a different problem with unintentional reboots that had affected the Sagemcom routers.

The majority of T-home Mobile’s internet service is fixed wireless access, which transforms signals from the carrier’s 5G mobile network into in-home Wi-Fi using modems like the Sagemcom Fast 5688W. According to T-fourth Mobile’s quarter 2022 earnings report, the provider has about 2.6 million home internet subscribers.

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