Tech News: Government Investigates Apple Spyware Attack Linked to China-affiliated Agencies

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Tech News Summary:

  • The Indian government is investigating a potential spyware attack on iPhones targeting opposition politicians and journalists, with a focus on agencies linked to the Chinese government.
  • Apple has confirmed that individuals in 150 countries, including at least 20 Indians, received threat notifications related to potential state-sponsored spyware attacks on their iPhones.
  • The investigation by CERT-In is ongoing, with Apple expected to send a team of experts to assist in the investigation. Previous similar controversies, such as the use of Pegasus software, have also been referenced.

In a recent development, the government has launched a probe into China-linked agencies in connection with the recent spyware attack targeting Apple devices. According to tech news sources, the spyware was used to infect Apple devices and collect sensitive information from users.

The probe comes after a series of reports revealed that the spyware, known as Pegasus, was being used to target journalists, activists, and government officials. It is believed that the spyware was developed and distributed by a group with ties to the Chinese government.

In response to these reports, the government is now investigating China-linked agencies to determine their involvement in the spyware attack. This investigation is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to protect national security and combat cyber threats.

The news has sparked concerns about the growing threat of state-sponsored cyber attacks and the need for increased vigilance in the digital world. With the increasing use of technology in everyday life, it is crucial to safeguard against potential security threats and remain vigilant against malicious actors.

As the investigation unfolds, tech news sources will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on any developments. In the meantime, it is important for Apple device users to remain cautious and take necessary steps to protect their privacy and security.

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