The ad-supported level of Netflix isn’t everywhere yet

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  • Netflix launched a new “Basic with Ads” subscription for $7 a month this week, but some viewers complained that the new ad-supported tier wasn’t compatible with some streaming devices.

The new plans include 5 minutes of advertising per hour and have other limits like no downloads and 720p resolution. Additionally, some content is not available on Netflix’s higher subscription tiers.

However, some potential subscribers are starting to realize that the new plans don’t offer as universal support across all streaming devices as Netflix’s regular plans.

most famous? Apple TV (which also started shipping its latest version this week). Netflix’s help center advises subscribers that ‘Apple TV does not support Basic with Ads’, that they should upgrade to a Basic, Standard, or Premium plan or ‘use a different device’ doing. Netflix has announced support for Apple TV.

Also not compatible are versions of Chromecast sold before the latest version launched on Google TV in September. “Basic with Ads is only supported on Chromecast with Google TV.”

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