The Apple iPhone 15 Pro could completely eliminate real hardware buttons

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  • The upcoming iPhone might forgo the standard hardware volume and power buttons in favor of “taptic” buttons. These “solid-state design buttons” are similar to the iPhone 7 and 8 in that they merely attempt to simulate the sensation using Apple’s Taptic Engine and cannot be depressed. On the left and right sides of the phone, similar to the present volume and power buttons, the Pro and 15 Pro Max might include Taptic Motos.

The spike in orders, will help Apple’s current suppliers of the Taptic engine, Luxshare ICT, and AAC technologies. If the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro max genuinely have two haptic motors, then this is what we would anticipate. Vendors of Android phones, he continues, will do the same. “It is also anticipated that his premium Android cellphones would incorporate elements of his Apple design and offer additional benefits. This is a structural benefit for the industry of mobile phone vibrators.”

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Apple may adopt a new naming scheme for his iPhone 15 Pro Max. The upcoming model will be called the iPhone 15 Ultra and may have a premium titanium body. That’s because the iPhone 14 Pro model was also advertised with it. But if those allegations hold true this time around, the iPhone 15 Pro model could be even sturdier and noticeably lighter than his iPhone 14 model.

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