The biggest video game news for September 13, 2022

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The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will release on his May 12th, 2023.
Nintendo has finally announced the official name and new release date for the Breath of the Wild sequel, so let’s get the big stuff out of the way first. It was seen riding and sliding across the chasm. It was also revealed that the game will be released in his May. 12 next year.

It was an absolute mammoth day for new game announcements and announcements, mainly because Nintendo and PlayStation decided to host showcases on the same day.Let’s start with Nintendo first. Nintendo’s biggest announcements are arguably the title and release date for the Breath of the Wild sequel, as well as the port of GoldenEye 007. Not to be outdone, PlayStation has also made some significant reveals, including his trailer for God of War: Ragnarok’s story and the unveiling of Like a Dragon: Ishin.


  • GoldenEye 007 has been neglected for years despite being one of his most popular titles on the N64. The game is coming to the Nintendo Switch Retro Expansion Pack as well as coming soon to the Xbox Game Pass, so that’s it. Being able to play in 4K, playing on Xbox also has some additional benefits.

  • GoldenEye via Nintendo

Yakuza Restoration
Like A Dragon: Ishin will be released in February 2023. The PlayStation is also “Yakuza Ishin! Yakuza Restoration remaster released! It has been sold only in Japan since 2014. The announcement unveiled an action-packed trailer full of great graphics and fast-paced combat, as well as his February 2023 release date for the game.

Kratos Thor
God Of War Ragnarok His Story Trailer Shows Kratos Fighting Thor. PlayStation also decided to host a great big showcase today, but God of War: Ragnarok’s new story he got a trailer. This will be the first time we’ll see Kratos and Thor in action. You’ll also get a quick glimpse of what Odin looks like, as well as some brief snippets of various events throughout the game.

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