The Counter-Strike 2 Trademark Indicates a Future Video Game

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Oddly enough, a brand new game doesn’t seem to be rolling out, as Aquarius came back quite recently, tweeting CS:GO registry updates.

We mentioned in the past that Global Offensive recently moved Source 2 to a pre-release branch. Interestingly, in this code a “Left 4 Dead 3” name was found, and again, while this is not confirmation that a third Left 4 Dead will become a reality, it is. weird to find it in a version of Counter-Strike. In fact, in the early hours of this morning, reports surfaced that Valve had apparently filed new trademarks related to Counter-Strike, and among them Counter-Strike 2 is part of the group. Considering the fact that these trademarks were filed four days ago, the same day as our last Counter-Strike and Source 2 coverage, it only makes it possible for Counter-Strike players to see any Any new entry or major headline update moving to Global becomes even more real. Attack on a brand new game, rejected by Valve. This also raises the question: given that Global Offensive is a free-to-play game, and in the event that Valve creates a brand new Counter-Strike product as a separate entity from Global Offensive, is it a Paid games?

Once things settle, it looks like a major engine update is the course Valve will take. That being said, a significant engine update can dramatically improve functionality or break certain parts of the game that may need fixing. When this tool update is made public, more information is likely to be made public.

For the information presented to us here, we will have to sort out what Perfect World and Valve have available to us. This story is in development and we will provide updates on the status of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as they arise. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is only playable on Steam and is completely free. As always, we ask our readers to treat this information as a rumor until further notice.

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