The European Parliament approves significant support for games and esports by voting

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  • A European Parliament resolution recognizes the value that sports and the wider video game industry offer to Europe, both economically and culturally. It advocates the development of a long-term European video game strategy that takes into account esports and builds on existing national strategies.

Although the resolution itself is not binding, representatives of the EU’s executive arm, the European Commission, have indicated their intention to take action during parliamentary sessions.

EU lawmakers decide how parliamentary resolutions are implemented, shaping the EU’s future strategy on esports and gambling. tend to follow. The passing of the resolution is a huge win for the European esports and gaming industry, both legitimacy and financial. Once a strategy is in place, businesses will likely have access to her EU funding and support.

The EU has so far provided limited support for domestic video game production. Some funding was available through the Creative Europe and Horizon Europe programs, but the resolution itself criticized these existing funding efforts as inadequate.

The text asks the European Commission to draw up a charter to promote European values ​​in esports competitions, to consider creating a Schengen esports visa, and to consider the benefits of esports for education and well-being. are asked to advertise.

The wording of the resolution strengthened the EU’s position that eSports and sports are separate sectors, largely due to the fact that eSports titles are owned by private entities with intellectual property rights. However, we recognize the commercial value and potential for growth and innovation in the esports and gaming industry.

Nepomuk Nothelfer, a legal scholar hired to produce a report on esports for the EU, told Esports Insider that while voting is a big step forward, implementation is another challenge. “Resolution alone is a huge perception for gaming and esports,” he said.

“(But) I feel like the real work starts after the breakup. Most of the time, you have a plan and you can act on it, so the problem is before it’s resolved. But sports are still complicated. …I have a feeling that the stage after that will be long. ”

The parliamentary debate and vote came after the EU’s Commission for Culture and Education (CULT) unanimously adopted a parliamentary report on the issue in his August.

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