The Galaxy S23 series is expected to receive a significant update to improve camera quality

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Examples of strange blur problems range from text photos (where they are most prominent) to typical nature photos. Most photos look perfectly in focus, but in some cases, a crooked or banana-like blur pattern can be easily seen in the photo.

Strange blurry issue on Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+. User complaints say that some parts of the photo are very blurry after taking the photo and then viewing it. The same user called this problem a “blurred banana” because of the crooked shape of the problem.

This weird blurry image issue doesn’t seem to be limited to the Galaxy S23 and S23+ as it also affects the S23 Ultra. However, as one user further commented, this could be due to the presence of field curvature. A slight tilt of the camera on his latest S23 series distorts the focus range, unfortunately leaving a blurry pattern in the photo.

It’s still unclear exactly if (if any) the cause is here, but as a user added, an off-center lens could be another issue. Both the Galaxy S23 and S23+ use 50MP triple camera arrays, while the S23 Ultra has a powerful 200MP main shooter. We’ll have to see how that goes and if this is a bigger problem than we currently know.

However, a major camera update for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series may be in the works, so the tweet suggests there may be light at the end of this blurry tunnel. may be preparing a major update with some form of camera optimization at the end of March.

While users are hoping for some camera improvements, rumors are currently pointing towards the series’ night mode and its overall photo quality. On a related note, the Galaxy S23 Ultra was recently “scrutinized” for failing to take proper moon photos due to its scene optimization feature.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed such an update yet, so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s not surprising.

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