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The gods! Now accessible internationally on both Android and iOS, RPG Adventure


Assemble the ultimate team of Heroes to fight dozens of Giant Bosses in Among Gods! RPG Adventure. Among Gods! RPG Adventure is set in a time when darkness has already spread across the land and the land is on the verge of destruction. It is that time when the God of Light’s power is slowly falling into decline while that of the God of darkness begins to rise that has paved the way to bring evil forces to life.

Witness a brand-new adventure and put together the best combatants! Sk Shah Miraj picture Shah Miraj Sk 25 August 2022 Current Time: August 25, 2022 two minutes RPG Adventure pre-registration for read Among Gods! Image courtesy of Century Games Pte. The fantasy role-playing game adventure Among Gods! RPG Adventure has finally been released on Android and iOS devices by Century Games Pte. Ltd., ending the wait. Two months ago, the Singapore-based game developer started pre-registration for this fantasy RPG, and now mobile players may finally experience the brand-new 3D RPG adventure on their cellphones.


  • Players can develop their own heroes and get to team up with epic history heroes among Gods as their ultimate fighters. Defeat enemies and demons that come in the way to gather loot, and earn XPs, gears, and special drops. Players can create a strong team of 5 heroes to challenge dozens of PvE bosses and which in return will help the players to rank their heroes up and obtain special skills and abilities. Besides this, the game also features an engaging and unique story campaign along with The Heroic Crusade, Arena, Stonehenge, Nightmare Challenge, The Trial of Truth, and Guild Bosses and dominates in PvP and PvE modes.

  • As evil and darkness begins to rise, players have to lead a squad of legendary heroes to fight against the evil forces. Players need to train their Heroes and Gods to become the ultimate fighters from all factions. With outstanding and exquisite 3D graphics, Among Gods RPG Adventure seems more interesting and immersive to play. The enlightened 3D graphics and scenes and hero models add to the essence of this dynamic RPG game.


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