The Google Pixel Live Wallpapers app has been updated to restore compatibility with older Pixel devices

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  • Google released a new update to its Pixel Live Wallpapers app last week, bringing it to version 2.1. Unfortunately, that update appeared to break compatibility with older Pixel devices, leaving previously compatible devices without access to the app through the Google Play Store. As luck would have it, the previous update appears to have accidentally locked out older Pixel device owners, as the latest update to the Pixel Live Wallpapers app restores compatibility to older Pixel smartphones.

The first issue was reported a week ago, when the latest update to the Pixel Live Wallpapers app failed to instal on the news outlet’s Pixel 4a. The outlet thought it was a strange issue because the version 2.1 update didn’t add anything new. After further investigation, the outlet discovered that the app was no longer compatible with the device and provided no explanation for the change. This is odd given that Pixel 4a devices are supported until at least August 2023.

Fortunately, it appears that things have improved, with the most recent version released being version 2.1.502780767. As previously stated, the latest update resolves the issue. Unfortunately, older Pixel device owners will continue to be unable to access the most recent live wallpapers introduced in the most recent Pixel Feature Drop, such as the Bloom wallpaper collection.

Of course, if you don’t want to download an app just to get new Google wallpapers, you can always download them directly, as we’ve previously discussed with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 wallpapers. If you want to look into more wallpapers, we have some excellent recommendations for 4K wallpapers that can be used on your PC, smartphone, and other compatible devices.


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