The government is invited to examine the report. He was hacked into Liz Truss’s phone

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  • Following accusations that Liz Truss’ phone was hacked, the government has been requested to open an urgent probe.

However, the information was concealed by then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case. The breach was discovered when then-Foreign Secretary Truss ran for Conservative leader over the summer.

A spy who is thought to be working for Russian President Vladimir Putin has access to sensitive material, including contacts with international leaders about the conflict in Ukraine.

Additionally, it was claimed that secret communications between Truss and Kwasi Kwarten condemning Johnson were intercepted by hackers and used as leverage for extortion.

“There are also serious security issues regarding how and why this information was leaked and is now being made public, which also need to be investigated urgently.

Opposition parties have called for an investigation into the alleged attack, which would raise questions about UK cybersecurity and Johnson and Case’s verdict. “Such an attack by a hostile state raises a very important national security issue and is taken very seriously by our intelligence and security agencies,” said Labour’s shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.

“It is important that all these security issues are investigated and addressed at the highest level and that the government recognizes the seriousness of this issue and the importance of fully safeguarding national security. I need to know.”

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