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The HOMES workforce innovation grant roundtable is held at Northwood Tech


We would like to thank Secretary Hughes, Assistant Secretary Williams, Assistant Secretary Boring and Mr. Krantz for taking the time to connect with people in our local communities. appreciate”. Site selection decisions for the HOMES project will be made by Impact Seven in consultation with Northwood Technical College. Interested partners must submit proposal information by Monday, October 31st. Proposals are then evaluated and the top six to eight proposals are selected to enter the due diligence and fact-finding phase, with two to three projects expected to be selected by Thursday.

Also, Missy Hughes, Commissioner, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation; Daniel Williams, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Human Resources Development; Trenton Krantz, Project Manager, WEDC Workforce Innovation Grant; Assistant Commissioner, Wisconsin Department of Housing Economics Jessica Bolling was also present. development bureau. Northwood Tech President John Will said: “This event was an opportunity for stakeholders to better understand the HOMES grant.

December 16th Through a unique partnership between Northwood Tech and Impact Seven, HOMES grants address both the shortage of a highly skilled manufacturing workforce and the shortage of affordable housing, helping unemployed and underemployed adults, The focus is on people who have not received Northwood Tech will provide his $3.8 million for advanced mobile manufacturing equipment and training. Impact Seven provides $6 million in labor housing by de-risking multifamily rentals and facilitating on-site labor. This includes expanding classrooms in other communities.

The project will provide advanced training opportunities for mechatronics, intelligent automation, robotics, machine tool certifications and qualifications, virtual reality training for residents of the Northwood Tech District, and business and collaboration opportunities with high school teachers on innovative education. We offer flexible training opportunities in the manufacturing industry. and technology. HOMES serves the communities of Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Barnett, Douglas, Iron, Polk, Rusk, St. Croix, Sawyer, and Washburn counties in the Northwood Institute of Technology District.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s $9.8 million Employee Innovation Grant for Housing Opportunities and Mobile Education Solutions (HOMES) is funded by the US Relief Plans Act.

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