The launch of a music label for video game soundtracks is Bandai Namco

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  • Bandai Namco Europe has announced the establishment of a music label for game soundtracks.

Earlier this month, the company released the Elden Ring soundtrack for streaming. Consisting of 67 tracks, his three-plus-hour album features music composed by a variety of Fromhis software veterans, including Tsukasa Saito, Akii Miyazawa, Yuka Kitamura, Yoshimi Kudo, and Yasushi Tomizawa.

His second release for Bandai Namco was Tales of Arise RPG Soundtrack, which is also now available on various streaming his services.

Bandai Namco said in a press release, “Since the early days of video games, and throughout the history of the industry, music has always been a central part of the gaming experience. “Music made the games` memories last longer and followed the players into their daily lives with amazing soundtracks to go back to and relive the stories they played.”

After numerous requests for Nintendo to follow suit, Banda Namco decided to release its soundtracks independently from the original games.

We made the decision to make gaming music available to as many listeners as possible because we want to please our fans with more than just games.

One YouTuber was forced to take down more than a dozen soundtracks from his channel after Nintendo filed a number of copyright complaints against him. Such a large number of them soundtracks never received official releases. It is annoying, but as I have said previously, it is ultimately up to them whether or not their music is restricted on the site.

In 2019, they had also requested that Nintendo “please publish your soundtracks on Spotify and/or other music streaming platforms.” “The likes of Namco, Square, Capcom, etc. have previously existed. If ever, when?” But it still appears impossible to legally enjoy a lot of Nintendo’s music outside of video games.

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