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The lower bar text labels may be removed from the Gmail app


Now, the Gmail bottom bar could drop the text labels. This seems like something that the company is testing with a select group of people. According to 9To5Google, certain people were seeing this change being made. Now, it seems like it’s in the process of rolling out to everyone. As you can imagine, the UI will be just a bit more minimalist, as the bottom bar will only show you the Mail, Chats, Spaces, and Meet icons without the text under them. If you’re used to using the app, then this won’t be a problem.

We’re used to seeing a variety of small UI changes that drastically alter the appearance of apps. They might try to simplify the user interface or cram more data into the screen. The text labels on the bottom bar of the Gmail app may be disappearing. The bottom bar underwent a slight alteration when the Material You paint job was applied to the Gmail app. It was reduced in size by Google. We embraced the small adjustment because it was just one of those things. Your email feed might now be seen a little bit more, which is always helpful.


  • Since the text is gone, it could make it easier to accidentally tap on the navigation buttons if you happen to use them (there are some people who still use them). Other than that, nothing else was changed in the software. Google is still experimenting with its Material You design, so this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

  • Since the text is being taken out of the app, then the bottom bar will be even shorter. Even if it’s just a few millimeters, it’s still a notable change. It doesn’t add much to how many emails you can see, as you can imagine, so it’s purely an aesthetic change.

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