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The most impressive televisions, speakers and technology fr


Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater

IFA 2022, which is back in full swing this year, has provided a delicious array of tech to look forward to in the months ahead. IFA has always been a leading launch destination for tech brands over the years, and 2022 was no exception. Best known for television and audio. Beginning as a radio competition in 1924, the fair is unique in that it is open to the public, allowing anyone to attend. We’ve worked in the halls of the IFA, attended every launch, and identified the best and most exciting tech for the show. Now, let’s introduce Pocket-lint’s Best of IFA 2022 in alphabetical order.


  • Garmin Venus Sq2

  • Bang & Olufsen is known for their premium sound systems and high-end televisions, but what makes Beosound theaters great is their versatility. This is not just B&O’s own TV, but a sound system that can be combined with other TVs thanks to a clever mounting system, making it look like an integrated bar. Wall hanging is also possible. Packed with 12 drivers to create an immersive soundstage, it’s designed as a one-box unit, so it integrates upward-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos and a woofer for bass.

Lenovo X1 Fold

Garmin’s 2nd generation Venu Sq makes more sense than the 1st generation, switching to an AMOLED display for better quality while nearly doubling battery life. That means you get all the benefits of Garmin’s fitness tracking in a square package, but Garmin’s other watches are all-around.

Lenovo first introduced the X1 Fold in 2020, but now has a power-packed second-generation model to make it a more attractive package. This foldable laptop offers a 16-inch display with a separate Bluetooth keyboard to give you more ways to work.

LG Mood Up Refrigerator

LG certainly brings the fun with LG MoodUp. This refrigerator can customize his LED panel with an app on your smartphone for a completely unique look and change it up as often as you like. It also integrates a speaker so you can play music on your refrigerator. You can also sync swatches to music if you want. You can turn off the whole crowd if you really don’t want to.The LG OLED Flex LX3 certainly has the wow factor that makes him one of the new generation of flexible monitors. That means you can change from flat to curved with the push of a button, so this is a multi-reel display that can do all sorts of things.

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