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The M’sian who created ILLEGEAR needed a custom laptop to power their games


Jiun How stated, “I decided to fill the gap after realising it, and ILLEGEAR was founded in 2011.” He took the initiative because no one else was producing unique laptops. In spite of the fact that Jiun How had a fantastic idea, he lacked any business expertise.

Chin Jiun How was a serious gamer in college. He desired the “ultimate machine,” like many other players, to meet his unique requirements. But at the time, he believed that all common laptops were frequently underpowered and unsuited for gaming. Additionally, because most computers were mass-produced and ready-to-use, they could not be customised. Undoubtedly, bespoke desktop builders were already extremely common. Custom laptops, however, were still missing from the scene, according to Jiun How.


  • Jiun How laid the groundwork for the bespoke laptop business, which was developed by individuals with similar interests—hardware nerds, computer geeks, die-hard gamers, and everyone in between. Although the brand still focuses on customising laptops, it now offers bespoke PC construction choices. manoeuvring in a specialised but not niche field. The devices from ILLEGEAR are probably not for you if all you need a laptop for is typing documents and sending emails.

  • Jiun How’s involvement with ILLEGEAR began as a result of his passion for gaming. Jiun How, however, naturally started to offer a wide range of options for high-performance laptop components like processors, GPUS, RAMs, SSDs, and more as a result of satisfying his own unique laptop needs. According to him, “I would say that ILLEGEAR was something that first started as a passion [and] turned into a company.” “What actually propelled and inspired what ILLEGEAR is today was the enthusiasm for laptop customizations that arose from the passion for gaming and its community.”

The target market for ILLEGEAR, according to the founder, consists primarily of customers who desire high-performance systems. However, this isn’t just referring to gamers like Jiun How. The KL showroom of the custom laptop firm / Photo Credit: ILLEGEAR The laptops from ILLEGEAR are also said to be excellent for designers, professionals, and those who produce multimedia material.

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